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Media Releases, 02 April 2015

ExxonMobil conducts safety awareness in Hela schools

Safety is as easy as ABC – Always Be Careful.

This is a simple but important message that can save lives. It is also a slogan that is being used for the school’s safety awareness campaign that has begun at ExxonMobil’s PNG LNG Project areas.

EMPNG’s community affairs staff spent several days in Hela province recently to conduct the awareness. They talked to over 2400 children in 13 elementary and primary schools in Hides, Komo and Angore areas.

Marilyn Wingi, EMPNG’s Stakeholder Engagement Lead said the objective of the campaign was to talk about road and traffic safety.

“We used posters and a caricature of a boy called Toea to indicate the dos and don’ts on the road. The children love Toea and they could relate to him as we explained that just like them, Toea also had to go to school, but he learned three important rules when he came to the road. These were, Stop, Look and Listen before crossing the road.”

“We also talked to the children about the big trucks that use the road and the importance of wearing bright coloured clothes when walking by the roadside so drivers can spot them easily. In some instances, the safety messages were translated into the local Huli vernacular for students to understand better,” Marilyn said.

“Safety is an overriding priority for ExxonMobil. Nothing is more important than the safety of the people who live in and around our operations,” she said.