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Training workers for emergency response

ExxonMobil PNG (EMPNG) regularly conducts emergency response drills to ensure that all personnel are trained and prepared for potential emergency situations.    

Our response drills include scenarios such as facility evacuations, medical emergencies, fires including grass, building and process area, oil spills, vehicle accidents, aviation events and remote worksites withdrawals.

These drills are conducted through desktop exercises, field-based discussions, full equipment deployment and practical execution of response methods.

Our oil spill response drills are an example of a major exercise and involve LNG Plant emergency responders as well as external shipping crews.  

These particular drills provide our emergency response personnel with the opportunity to practice their skills in shoreline containment and recovery booming techniques, as well as gain further experience with boat dispersant spray system application. 

Every drill, no matter how big or small, enables our organisation the chance to practice, learn and improve.