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Waste management 

Ensuring waste is managed appropriately is a critical component to the success of PNG LNG.  Waste is managed according to our waste management hierarchy within our Environmental and Social Management Plans. 

All waste generated by PNG LNG can be categorised into two waste types: restricted or non-restricted.

Restricted waste contains significant quantities of hazardous substances while non-restricted waste is simply non-hazardous waste. Most of the waste that has been generated by PNG LNG to date has been non-restricted waste.

We are committed to ensuring that all waste generation and disposal has minimal impact to human health and the environment and is only disposed of at approved facilities that have been audited by ExxonMobil PNG (EMPNG). 

To meet our waste management commitment, we have undertaken the following measures:

  • Purchased high temperature incinerators to allow for on-site disposal
  • Engineered large landfills at the LNG Plant and Hides Waste Management Facility sites. These sites were used during construction and continue to be used during production operations
  • Encourage recycling by donating surplus non-hazardous materials to local institutions such as schools or health facilities
  • Work with local PNG businesses to build their capacity in waste management and develop additional acceptable in-country waste management options

Regular waste management performance reports are conducted and shared with government and other key external organisations including the Independent Environmental and Social Consultant to ensure compliance of our operations.

Recycling plays an important part in the PNG LNG’s waste management practices, with impressive statistics recorded since 2010 including:

  • More than 2 million litres of waste oil transferred to PNG businesses for reuse or recycling
  • More than 1 million litres of waste oil recycled in Australia
  • More than 500,000 tons of scrap metal given to PNG businesses
  • More than 135 moxy tyres donated to PNG Ports Corporation Ltd for reuse as wharf fenders in Port Moresby