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Monitoring uses world experts

World-renowned birds of prey expert, Leo Legra, is lending his expertise to our biodiversity team to monitor raptor species in PNG.

Leo completed his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Papua New Guinea and is well-known for his work with the New Guinea harpy eagle – a species he was funded to study extensively.  

Leo’s research experience and his knowledge of nesting ecology, habitat use and behavioural biology has allowed him to provide technical support to our biodiversity team as they record bird diversity and species surveys as part of our programmed monitoring activities. 

Biodiversity surveys help to give an indication of the abundance and availability of prey that is available to bird species and determine whether their habitats are healthy enough to sustain their population in the long-term.  

Another world-leading expert, mammologist Muse Opiang, has also been engaged to help implement our biodiversity program. Muse is a graduate of the University of Papua New Guinea where he completed honours studies in the long-beaked echidna.  

His research is recognised around the world because he is considered to be possibly the only person who has been able to capture, radio-track and study this rare and endangered echidna species. 

Muse has remarked that it pleases him greatly to see companies such as ExxonMobil PNG working closely with the Government and communities to preserve biodiversity in PNG.