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Working with local businesses 

The support from local businesses through the supply of goods and services has been instrumental to the success of the PNG LNG Project.

From the beginning, we provided opportunities for local suppliers by investing in goods and services as well as capacity development and training through the Enterprise Centre, to empower businesses to become nationally competitive and remain active long after the construction of the PNG LNG Project.

We worked with local business across all our operating facilities during construction and continue to utilise and engage over 100 non-landowner Papua New Guinean businesses for a range of production related activities such as transportation of personnel, security, freight and logistics, food supply and customs clearance.

Our investment in local businesses continues to grow with over 12 billion kina spent on local goods and services, including over three billion kina with landowner companies.

By investing in Papua New Guinean businesses and landowner companies, we have helped build long-term sustainable businesses that are making a positive contribution to the local economy.