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George: Integrity Engineer

As an Integrity Engineer, George is responsible for maintaining the function of static equipment through inspection, monitoring and recommending maintenance work to prevent issues that may cause unplanned shutdowns to the operations of the PNG LNG Project.

Based at the LNG Plant in Caution Bay, George joined the Project in 2011 as a Construction Engineer after undertaking several roles in the mining industry and completing his Bachelor of Engineering (Mining) degree at the University of Technology in Lae, PNG. In 2013, he moved into his current role as an Integrity Engineer.

In his time with ExxonMobil PNG George has developed a greater appreciation for the importance of safety.

“Following correct procedures doesn’t just help to ensure a safe working environment, it boosts efficiency and reduces the risk of mistakes.

“ExxonMobil PNG’s mantra of ‘Nobody Gets Hurt’ and commitment to protecting the environment is something that I’ve enjoyed sharing with family and friends outside of the workplace,” said George. 

Working with colleagues from multiple departments, sometimes in different countries, has challenged George to enhance his communication skills to help ensure that every person understands the requirements of the work and can execute tasks cohesively. He greatly values being part of a team and believes he has significantly grown his technical knowledge through collaborative learning.

Being one of 55,000 people involved in the construction of the PNG LNG Project is something that George feels privileged to have been a part of. He describes the feeling of watching the first cargo of LNG depart PNG as a historical moment for his country.

George is proud to have helped build the Project and now be playing a role in the production phase. He considers himself fortunate to have seen not only what’s above the ground but also what’s buried underneath.