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Media Releases, 02 September 2019

Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development
The 25 early childhood teachers with their certificates following the 2-week training by Buk bilong Pikinini in Boera village.

Providing early childhood educators the tools they need to shape a child’s learning is crucial and remains the mission of Buk bilong Pikinini with the support of ExxonMobil PNG, operator of the PNG LNG Project.

A two-week training concluded recently in Boera, which focused on expanding teacher training programs to 25 teachers from six early learning centres near the LNG Plant in Central Province.

ExxonMobil PNG’s Community Development and National Content Manager Sisa Kini said providing the essential tools to teachers ensures that quality teaching is delivered at an early age to schools within the LNG project area. 

As part of ExxonMobil PNG’s national content, the training was staged within the community at the Konebada Resort in Boera village.

“Building the capacity of our teachers goes a long way to assist our children who are at a pivotal age of being curious and eager to learn. 

We invest in programs like the early childhood educators training to empower them to teach and set the learning foundation for them to develop further as future leaders.”

Since 2016, ExxonMobil PNG has partnered with Buk bilong Pikinini to deliver early childhood education in surrounding communities near the LNG Plant.

Buk bilong Pikinini Founder and Chair, Anne-Sophie Hermann said ExxonMobil PNG is a critical partner in driving early childhood education.

“Our partnership with ExxonMobil PNG has enabled us to grow our library services as well as continually provide training to all our early childhood educators within these communities.

Over the past years, we have also engaged them to assist with teacher training program to our pre-schools near the LNG Plant site.”

Teachers from the six schools of Edith Early Learning Centre, Church of Christ Learning Centre, SHEN Learning Centre, Salvation Army Lealea Learning Centre, Papa Community Pre-School and Maiari Pre-School participated in the training.

Anne-Sophie said regular training is given to all staff that work in the 21 learning centres throughout the country.

Part of the improvement for the early childhood educators will be school materials to make learning more interactive when teaching numeracy or problem solving exercises.

ExxonMobil PNG is also supporting Buk bilong Pikinini to celebrate the National Literacy Week with various activities that will be held in communities near the LNG Plant next week.

This year’s theme is creating a brighter future for the children of the Papua New Guinea.