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Media Releases, 25 May 2020

ExxonMobil PNG supports Central Provincial Health Authority preparedness

ExxonMobil PNG supports Central Provincial Health Authority preparedness

ExxonMobil PNG as operator of PNG LNG, together with Chiyoda Oceania Pty Ltd, have supported the Central Province Health Authorities (CPHA) long-term healthcare preparedness efforts with a donation of triage tents, infra-red thermometers and surgical masks. 

In response to COVID-19, CPHA is looking at ways to bolster their healthcare services by ensuring workers have access to vital equipment needed to respond to any health situation. 

Keith Killian, Executive Director of ExxonMobil PNG, thanked the CPHA for the work they are undertaking to safeguard the health of its communities for the long-term from threats such as COVID-19.

“During these unprecedented times, it is essential that we stand together to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and focus on actions that protect us all.”

“Healthcare preparedness requires ongoing community education on the benefits of practicing good hygiene and physical distancing, and enables healthcare workers to better position themselves to respond to current and ongoing health challenges in PNG,” Mr. Killian said.

The donation of triage equipment will support healthcare workers in the screening and treating of medical conditions, including COVID-19.  

Dr. James Amini, Chief Executive Officer at CPHA, said this donation will ensure there are no disruptions to day-to-day medical services. 

“Local hospitals are located right in the middle of communities and the COVID-19 pandemic has raised concerns around screening methods.”

“These new triage tents will not only provide a separate area where frontline officers can isolate patients, but give us peace of mind that we are now better prepared to respond to future medical emergencies,” Dr. Amini said. 

The Governor of Central Province Hon. Robert Agorobe (right) receives the donation from Executive Director of ExxonMobil PNG Keith Killian.

The handover ceremony was also attended by Ulato Avei, the LNGP Gas Resources Director, and Hon. Robert Agarobe, the Central Province Governor.

Hon. Robert Agarobe thanked ExxonMobil and acknowledged the leadership role the company has taken in setting an example for following recommended health guidance. 

“It's very challenging for us as a government to try to change the mentality and the habits of our people, who are used to the freedom that they have always had. Trying to put restrictions on the freedom they have enjoyed is a big task.” 

“It is all about people seeing what others are doing, seeing is believing, and with big organisations like ExxonMobil taking the lead, it sets an example,” Hon. Agarobe said. 

ExxonMobil PNG is committed to supporting PNG health initiatives, including COVID-19 preparedness, by partnering with provincial health authorities and the National Department of Health to deliver awareness campaigns and donations of personal protective equipment, medical equipment and office supplies.