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Media Releases, 10 December 2018

ExxonMobil PNG’s HGCP staff supports ‘Yumi Klinim Komo’ initiative at Komo Government Station

Staff from ExxonMobil PNG’s Hides Gas Conditioning Plant (HGCP) volunteered their time to support youth from the Komo area in their community beautification and cleanup initiative.

With the theme 'Yumi Klinim Komo' (Let’s Clean Komo), the cleanup involved over 45 youths from three different church organisations including; the Komo Catholic Church, Evangelical Church of PNG and the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

The ExxonMobil PNG HGCP staff joined the youths in this first of its kind cleanup initiative carried out in the Komo area. The cleanup initiative encouraged youths from different denominations to work together, to pick-up rubbish and plant flowers around the Komo Government Station.

HGCP Field Operations Manager, Kim Hahn, said it was really good to see young people in the area demonstrate leadership and initiate such projects for the benefit of everyone. 

“When they do this they are effectively contributing to community development, including peace building and social cohesion. It also provides an opportunity for the younger members within our community to appreciate and protect the environment,” Ms. Hahn said.

Pastor Lini Alo from Evangelical Church of PNG said “the youth are the future leaders and advocates for change over the long term. Supporting their initiatives shows that we have confidence in them as leaders of tomorrow and this in turn motivates them to want to make a difference in their community.”

In support of their efforts, ExxonMobil PNG HGCP staff donated garden forks, spades, a wheelbarrow, safety gloves and glasses to encourage and maintain the ongoing beautification and cleanup activities in Komo community.

ExxonMobil PNG HGCP staff has recently donated a set of gardening tools to the youth at Juni to support clean-up activities in their community, whilst another clean-up program similar to the clean- up initiative in Komo was also held for Inu.