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Media Releases, 29 April 2013

Hospitals receive essential medical equipment repair kits

Eleven medical equipment repair technicians at three hospitals will receive essential biomedical repair kits for detecting faults and repairing important biomedical equipment, from Esso Highlands Limited.

The biomedical equipment technicians received training in the United States with sponsorship from Esso Highlands Limited. These Papua New Guineans acquired invaluable skills in installing, repairing and maintaining lifesaving biomedical equipment such as X-ray machines, incubators, and cardiac pressure monitors.

The technicians travelled from hospitals in Mendi, Mt Hagen, Goroka, Kundiawa and Port Moresby.

The repair kits are part of the training package and will allow the technicians to use their newly acquired knowledge and skills to support delivery of clinical services. PNG Tribal Foundation is providing logistics support to deliver the repair kits to their new homes.

Peter Graham, Managing Director of Esso Highlands Limited, said the company was pleased to support the dedicated doctors and nursing staff across the country by helping to ensure that equipment is serviceable.

“There is little value in having modern equipment to diagnose and treat illness if it cannot be appropriately maintained,” Mr Graham said.

Mr Graham added that Esso Highlands Limited would also be providing medical equipment and consumables to 12 rural health centres, including five remote sites in the Southern Highlands, Hela, and Western Province to help improve the quality of health care delivery for communities in those areas.

GT Bustin, President of the PNG Tribal Foundation added, “Our team is pleased to partner with Esso Highlands Limited to boost the capacity of those who provide vital medical services in these areas.”

The additional equipment being delivered includes anaesthetic machines and ventilators, bedside monitors, infant incubators, fetal and neonatal monitors, and sterilisers.

The Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation is a non-government organisation that works with government, private organisations, corporations, and individuals to address PNG ’s health and education needs.