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Media Releases, 23 November 2016

Increasing financial literacy for women

Forty women from Porebada, Boera, Papa, and Lealea have completed three days of financial literacy training conducted by Nationwide Micro Bank (MiBank) and supported by operator of the PNG LNG Project, ExxonMobil PNG Limited.

This training aims to strengthen the women’s ability to understand how to make money, manage and invest it. This is part of ExxonMobil PNG’s strategy to support people in Project communities to create and sustain economic activities that go beyond the life of PNG LNG.

The forty women are now skilled trainers who will run financial literacy training in their respective communities.

The group of women said they really appreciated the principles that were taught, including being disciplined and having a goal, how to budget, save, and make profits. 

A participant from Boera Village, Nao Lohia, said the training has built her money management skills and confidence.

“ExxonMobil PNG sees an investment in a woman as an investment in her family and her community, so the impact is broad and multidimensional,” said ExxonMobil PNG’s National Content Manager Susil Nelson-Kongoi.

Nelson-Kongoi said studies show that women reinvest the majority of their income in the health, education and well-being of their families – helping them transform their communities and alleviate poverty.

“We’re working with local and international partners to get to the place where women are full participants in both the social and economic growth of society,” said Ms Nelson-Kongoi.

“We’re proud to be part of this initiative and encourage you to reach out to like-minded women and men so that the positive change and success you achieve is replicated in your communities,” Ms Nelson-Kongoi added.

Training facilitator from MiBank, Gima Kepi, said women’s banking is a focus for MiBank and it aims to empower women and people at grassroots through financial literacy training and by making its products and services accessible to the rural community.