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Media Releases, 15 May 2014

PNG LNG Project thanks local suppliers

As the PNG LNG Project draws closer to its first LNG shipment, the PNG LNG Project is expressing its gratitude to local companies that have provided services during the construction phase.

Managing Director of ExxonMobil PNG Limited, Mr Peter Graham said developing sound business relationships with Papua New Guinea companies, including landowner companies (lancos), and contractors was critical to the timely completion of the Project.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank our suppliers, many of whom have worked with us since the Project started,” he said.

“The PNG LNG Project acknowledges the mutual benefit of such relationships built on trust and integrity, and the value created by small and medium enterprises for the economy of Papua New Guinea.”

Mr Graham said the Project’s direct involvement with local companies facilitated the development of local capacity and capability.

Through the establishment of the Enterprise Centre in Port Moresby in 2010, hundreds of small businesses have submitted to voluntarily assessment in order to continuously improve, and the Enterprise Centre has assisted with targeted capacity building and independent business advice.

“While we have supported the growth of the business sector in PNG and brought some new opportunities to local businesses, we are thankful for the support of the Papua New Guinean companies without whom major resource projects like PNG LNG would not be able to meet targets.”

Approximately 10.31 billion Kina (US$4.25 billion) has been spent in Papua New Guinea. Of that, more than 2.48 billion Kina (US$1.02 billion) was spent with lancos.