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Media Releases, 01 May 2014

PNG LNG Project worker takes his skills to the Highlands

Jacob Siviri, from Papa, is among the growing group of PNG LNG Project workers whose dedication to their work has landed them jobs elsewhere.

After four years at the LNG Plant, Jacob is off to the Highlands, to Angore in Hela Province, where he has joined a team constructing a 250-man camp for the Project.

“Skills development has been a huge focus for the PNG LNG Project,” said Yow-Yeen Lee, Senior Project Manager.

“We’ve delivered more than two million hours of training and trained around 10,000 Papua New Guineans across the entire Project.

“Inevitably, as construction of the Project comes to an end, the number of people we need declines, but the training we’ve provided means that people have the skills and experience they need to get other jobs. Jacob is a great example of this,” he said.

Jacob’s experience at the LNG Plant began in 2010, and he has since worked for a number of LNG Plant subcontractors.

Since starting on the Project, Jacob showed interest in developing his skills and, over time, became proficient in operating various equipment including bobcats, excavators and front end loaders.

“I have learned so much,” Jacob said. “I’m grateful the Project has developed a potential in me that I never thought I had when I was back in the village.”

Viewing it as “a golden opportunity,” Jacob became a conscientious worker who earned the respect of his bosses.

Jacob says it was his first time flying to the Highlands, but he left knowing he was up for the challenge.

“Although the environment is new, I’m confident that my focus on safety will ensure a smooth and successful three months of work,” he said.

“My motto has been and continues to be ‘stop, think, identify, plan and proceed’.”

Among everything he has learned over the past four years since starting on the Project, Jacob says the most import is safety.

“Safety and I are simply inseparable!”